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MeetLocals is part of the Fling dating network. Fling.com is the parent company for MeetLocals.com. It is a more subtle adult type dating site (less nudity) compared to Fling, so it attracts a different type of crowd than Fling.

Quick Info

Upload photos: Yes
Upload videos: Yes
View webcams: Yes, if you pay
Online chatrooms: Yes, if you pay
Free Membership: Yes
Real Dating Profiles: Mostly fake dating profiles
Worth Creating A Profile: No
Amount of monthly visitors: 2,234,000
Price for full membership: $34.95 month
Overall rating:  4/10 

Read My Full Review Of MeetLocals.com

Search Features

  • Gender: Search for men seeking men, men seeking women and women seeking women.
  • Sexual Preference: Find people based on your preference, gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight.
  • Age: Find members based on their age by using the search options.
  • Location: You can also find local women just by inputting your zip code or postal code in the search box.
  • With Photos: Easily search for members who have photographs in their dating profiles as well.
  • Distance: If you're looking to find someone who is 5 miles away from you then you're in luck with the search features on meet locals.
  • Online Now - Chat with other members of MeetLocals who are online right now. You can see who's online and view their profile to see if you're interested in chatting with them at that particular moment.

New Locals: MeetLocals has the ability to show you the newest registered members of the site that are located within your distance range. You can view photographs of him/her and chat with them right away if you're interested in meeting someone that just signed up to the site.

Video Chat: Probably the quickest way to get to know someone and see someone is with the online webcam/video chat rooms. Meet Locals has two different rooms were you can actually chat with people instantly, the only problem is you need to get full access by upgrading and paying for a full membership. If you have a free basic membership you cannot use the online video chat rooms.

Galleries: The gallery section of the site enables you to see photographs of various members of MeetLocal.com. Looking at the photographs, it looks like that most of them are fake members that are designed to entice you to create a free basic membership and then later upgrade by paying for a premium membership.  I shouldn't say they are all fake, but a majority of the photographs look like 23 -year-old  pornstars with fake breasts. It just doesn't look normal for a dating site to have so many women that look like porn models. I mean really, it looks like a porn site more so than it does a dating site.

Live Cams: The live sex cams area of Meet Local is for premium members only. You need to upgrade to get access to all the girls on their webcams. This part of the site is basically for men that  like to watch girls on their webcams. These are not regular women, they are paid webcam models and they will perform for you for a fee.

Meet Locals Demographics

Meet Locals demographics


  • The demographic breakdown for MeetLocals from what I can tell is 58% female and 42% male. This seems kind of hard for me to believe but that's what the statistics show.
  • It seems that most of the people visiting the site are between 18 and 50 years of age.
  • The racial breakdown is 64% Caucasian, followed by 26% African American, then 4% Asian, and lastly 6% Hispanic.
  • 70% of the people visiting a site make $70,000 a year or more which is pretty high.

Meet Locals Cost

MeetLocals.com Gold Membership
(Gold membership prices)

MeetLocals.com Silver Membership
(Silver membership prices)

You can choose between 3 different membership subscriptions, the Gold, Silver and lastly the free membership.

Gold Membership

  • You can purchase a Gold membership in a one-year package that costs $119.95, it will give you six months for free. This works out to be $6.67 a month. 
  • The 3 month package is $59.95 and that is $19.99 a month.
  • If you'd like to pay monthly the price of $34.95 a month.

Silver Membership

The  Silver membership comes in three different options just like a Gold membership does.

  • The one year plan works to be $99.85 at a stated one installment and if you break it down the monthly level of $8.33 per month.
  • If you would like to purchase a three-month installment, the price is $49.95 and that is $16.65 per month.
  • If you'd like to pay monthly the price of $24.95 a month.

Free Membership

If you don't like to pay at all you can get a free basic membership, however you will not have access to the chat rooms and it's almost impossible to communicate with other people if you don't actually purchase a paid membership all you can do is browse on the site and see the various features.

Gold vs Silver Memberships

What is the difference between a Gold or Silver membership?

With a Gold membership you get a three month guarantee, you're able to view all profiles and photographs, send and receive messages, watch members uploaded videos and photographs. You can also send e-mail to free users and receive e-mail from free users.

The Silver membership enables you to have the three month guarantee, view all the profiles and photos, send and receive messages, as well as  watch members videos. You cannot send or receive e-mail from free members. That is the only difference between a Silver and Gold membership.

MeetLocals.com guarantee
(The "Get Laid Guarantee")

The "Get Laid Guarantee" basically states that you will get a free membership if you don't get laid on the site. I tried to find some more detailed information about this but I couldn't find any. It seems kind of wishy washy and how would they implement this guarantee? Anyone can say that didn't get laid and then you get a free membership, so I'm kind of confused that's how it all works.

Is Meet Locals Worth It?

Personally, I don't think creating a free dating profile on MeetLocals is worth your time. Why? Well, for starters just by looking at the women on the site they all look fake to me. How can there be so many 23 -year-old beautiful women with fake breasts, in need of a date?? This is a scam that is done to entice you to pay for membership to contact these fake women. Many dating sites use this practice and I am going to expose every single one of them.

There are other sites that offer a multitude of features for completely free. You can get access to free online chat rooms, as well as view free webcams for completely no cost. Why waste your time on a site that is a scam, when you can use honest dating websites instead?

Recommended/Honest Dating Sites

Both sites below offer free webcam viewing and free chat rooms access with a free membership. Try them out you for no cost, I'm sure you will be happy you did.

  1. Passion  8/10
  2. AdultFriendFinder 9/10
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MeetLocals Review : Just Another Scam?, 5.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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