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Ok, this is my review of Ashley Madison.  I first heard of AshleyMadison.com about 4 years ago, I saw a commercial on late night TV, promoting a cheating/dating web site. The site stuck in my head and many years later here we are. Ashely Madison serves a very unique type of dating clientele. If you are unhappily married but looking for something on the side then this dating site is designed for you. Just look at the Ashley Madison punch line Life Is Short, Have An Affair!”

life is short have an affair

The site has been talked about and featured on many media outlets and talk show hosts from, The View, Dr. Phil, Tyra Banks and even the Ellen Degeneres Show. To say Ashley Madison is popular would be an understatement, over 2,000,000 are registered members on the cheating  site. The funny thing is being featured on talk shows and news shows has actually helped get the word out more and more about AshleyMadison.com, and it was free publicity . Every time the discreet dating service is talked about on TV, web traffic to the site takes another jump higher. They say any publicity is good publicity and this is no different.

For my review of  The Ashley Madison Agency I registered for a free basic profile so I can see what type of features they offer. I have reviewed many dating sites over the years so I know what to expect and what not to expect.

I created a free membership, so I could check out what they offer. Read on as I got into detail about everything they offer, good and bad…


Ashley Madison Agency Features:

  • Email - The email system enables to you send and receive emails right from the Ashley Madison web site. This good if you want to be discreet, since the emails are never sent to your home email address.
  • Winks – When you find an woman or man  that interests you, then you use their email system to send that member a “wink”. If they are interested they can send a wink back or email or whatever.
  • Online instant messaging  - You can chat with other A.M.  members via online chat. They don’t have live web cam options. This would be a great feature so you can see EXACTLY what some one you are interested in looks like right now, not a photo from 10 years ago. Many people tend to show older photos of when they had hair or when they were 30 lbs lighter, web cam chat would stop this little problem.
  • Send a gift - You can send virtual gifts to women, some of the gifts that you can send to show they you are interested in them include,virtual  roses, virtual necklace or a virtual  teddy bear. These are all virtual gifts and are not real.  Apparently “Your chances of meeting a woman dramatically increases when you send a message with a Virtual Gift.” Sounds pretty dumb to me, but who knows, didn’t people use to buy pet rocks years ago?!
  • Exclamation point - On the right hand side of the members area there is a small little orange exclamation point. There is something very creative that the creators of AshleyMadison.com have added so if you need to quickly change the page, you click that icon and the page goes to HomeRenovationGuide.com (no joke). If you need to switch web sites because your wife is coming into the den, this is the “hide web site” button that you click to hide the site.
  • Member feedback – Other members can basically leave feedback on their experience with you (good or bad), so be nice and don’t act like an ass.

Your Member Profile

Meet married women or single women it’s all the same, you need to fill out your profile as detailed as possible. Women want to know who they might be sleeping with. And speaking of sex in your dating  profile you can describe in detail exactly what you are looking for.

Some of the various sexual preferences you can choose for your dating profile:

  • Conventional Sex
  • Being Dominant/Master
  • Being Submissive/Slave
  • Bondage
  • Fetishes
  • Spanking
  • Blindfolding
  • Role Playing
  • You Like to Cross Dress

You can list in your profile what turns you on:

  • Professional/Well Groomed
  • Stylish/Classy
  • Tattoos
  • Body Piercing
  • BBW
  • Muscular/Fit Body
  • Petite Figure
  • Girl Next Door
  • Naughty Girl
  • Aggressive
  • Hopeless Romantic
  • Discretion
  • Drug Free
  • Casual/Social Drinker

After awhile of going through the site you forgot everyone on the site is married but looking for discreet fun. Like I mentioned the  Ashley Madison Agency  is free for a basic membership however all you can do for free is fill out your profile and browse the site. If you want to contact any of the other members you then you need to pay.

Unlike other dating sites that I have reviewed you don’t pay on a monthly basis. Ashley Madison works on a credit system, you pay for credits.  The minimum amount of credits you can purchase is $49.00. For $49.00 worth you receive 100 credits. I have included the amount of credits you need to use the various features on AshleyMadison.com

Ashley Madison Credit System:

  • 5 credits are needed to contact a new member
  • 5 credits are needed to send a mail message priority
  • 5 credits are needed to accept a collect message
  • 30 credits are needed for 30 minutes of on-line live chat
  • 50 credits are needed for  60 minutes of on-line live chat
AshleyMadison Credits

above (screen shot of AshleyMadison.com credits window)

Just like WalMart, AshleyMadison has a guarantee, you won’t believe this. The Ashley Madison guarantee is this, “If you don’t find someone within the initial 3 months after purchasing the “Affair Guarantee” Membership Package ($249), we’ll refund you the $249.” I chuckled when I saw this, but it is useful in reality. There are a few rules in order to get that full refund if you don’t meet someone however. One thing I thought was kind of low of Ashley Madison, is they send you a refunds in the form of a check to your home, and on the check Please note that your refund check it will state that it is from “The Ashley Madison Agency.”

Why does this bother me?

On the site it states it states that your credit will not be billed as Ashley Madison (see screen shot below)

AshleyMadison.com Payment

When you want a refund because you haven’t met anyone they send you a refund check that will say “Ashley Madison Agency” on the refund check (see screen shot below), so much for being discreet! I think that really sucks. They offer a affair guarantee, but in reality how many people can use it? If you’re a married man, I think the last thing you need is to be getting a refund check from  the Ashley Madison Agency sent to your home. I know why they do this, so they discourage people for asking for a refund. But, why even offer an “Affair Guarantee” to begin with? A guarantee always puts people at ease, you feel like there is no risk to you then. Just like anything it’s important for the consumer in this case married women and men to read the fine print on AshleyMadison.com.

Overall Ashley Madison does what it’s supposed to, connect married women with married men. It has good features, so if you’re looking for a discreet dating service just for married people, then this is for you. If you want to remain as discreet as possible, I suggest using a prepaid credit card when you pay, even though the credit card statement will not Ashley Madison Agency on it. If you want a refund after you pay, then be prepared to get a check delivered to your home address with Ashley Madison Agency on it.

** If you have used  AshleyMadison.com and have been happy or not, leave a comment with your own review or experiences with the site and it’s services. More info is better than less info. The internet gives everyone a voice and opinion, not just big business, use your freedom and leave your own opinion.

Happy Dating!

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Ashley Madison Review – The Ashley Madison Agency Reviewed, 2.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

4 Responses to “Ashley Madison Review – The Ashley Madison Agency Reviewed”

  1. Tom B says:

    I've been trying Ashley Madison, with a 100-credit "intro" package, and I have a couple of comments.
    First, if  you do sign up with them and buy credits, be careful to un-check the "priority mail" box below the message you're going to send, or you'll be billed 10 credits instead of 5.  Sneaky:  the default goes to the 10-credit option.  It's fine if that's what you WANT to do, of course.

    Second, beware of people you're thinking about responding to that seem to be on-line practically all the time.  There are a lot of real people on the site, but real people don't spend in excess of 10 hours a day logged into Ashley Madison!  If these "people" express interest in you, you may think they are a good bet to respond to your message.  They very well may send you a "collect" message to get things started.  My experience it that you're very likely never going to hear back from them.  In fact, you may have the best luck going all the way to the back of the list of matches, as those are the people who are "real" and not paying to have their ad put at the top of the list.  This is especially true if your a guy.  Think about it:  on all sites like this, women get way more replies than men do.  If you're a guy, it makes sense to pay to put your name near the top of the search list, but why would a woman do that?  Not to say that some real ones don't, but I'd play the odds.

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  2. Julian says:

    I tried Ashley Madison at the $49 100 credit and didn't get anything going after interest were made.

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  3. roberto says:

    I have used ashley madison and for the most part was disappointed with the site. I did actually meet and have an affair with a woman that I met. I would follow the advise of the previous poster and make sure you uncheck the priority mail button and DO NOT accept collect messages! they usually just say wanna chat, and if you reply you never hear back. I think any lady with a really good photo posted is a scam. Any attractive lady that did post a photo would be buried in  emails, winks etc. I think most men create a female profile just to scam other men.  I marked women as favorites to see just how long they were on line and then looked at other sites to see if I saw the same photos. There is lots of that as well.

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  4. Funwiwu says:

    I have been on AM since Fall of 2012. Between then and Fen 2013,   I have had affairs with 5 women. 2 married and 3 divorced. No I am not an AM employee. One of them was an honest to goodness Kidman look-alike.
    – Remember to un-check the priority setting before sending. These assholes , leave priority as the default. Costs you more. You are paying on a per email basis
    – Anytime a woman is too hot and her face is covered with a Photo-shop paint. More than likely they are somehow put in there by AM to make you use your credits. Asshholes.
    Other than that I am very satisfied with AM. All of the women I met were quality. Never met a skank, which I have on AFF.

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