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XAffairs.com is a married dating website created by the same people who run GonnaBang.com, as well as XDating.com. Once you register on XAffairs you are automatically taken to XDating.com. Basically they are the exact same site.  Since I did a review of XDating.com awhile ago then there is no reason to write a completely different review, since both sites are the same.

XAffairs.com home page

Quick Info

Upload photos: Yes
Upload videos: No
View webcams: No
Online chat rooms: No
Free Membership: Yes
Send Emails: Yes, if you a premium member
Real Dating Profiles: No, mostly fake dating profiles
Worth Creating A Profile: No
Amount of monthly visitors: 127,000
Price for full membership: $29.95 month
Overall rating:  2/10 

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Search Features

  • Gender: Search for men seeking men,  women seeking men, men seeking women and women seeking women.
  • Sexual Preference: Find people based on your preference, gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight.
  • Age: Find members based on their age by using the search options.
  • Location: When you input your location in your dating profile, the location you used is used to find people local people.
  • With Photos: You can search for members who have photographs in their dating profiles as well.

Features They Should Have

XAffairs (XDating) doesn't have some crucial  features that a dating site in 2011 should have available.

  • Webcams: There are no webcam chat rooms on the site. This is a bummer, because it always helps if you can actually see the people you're interested in meeting on their live webcam while you're chatting with them. Unfortunately you cannot do that on the site.
  • Chat Rooms: Personally I think chat rooms should be a staple on all dating sites. If many of the free dating sites can offer chat rooms why can't a paid site like Gonna Bang have online chat rooms. Chat rooms are the quickest and easiest way to start meeting people in your community. There's no need for e-mails going back and forth and wasting time. With online chat rooms you can find someone located near you and start chatting with them instantly. This is much quicker, since you can see if there is any kind of spark between the two of you. Something that e-mails tend not to help with.

XAffairs Demographics

demographics for XAffairs.com

Below you can see a chart showcasing the various demographics of XAffairs.com.

  • Age: As you can see in the chart in the green, most members of X Affairs are between 45 to over 65 years of age.
  • Gender: Like most dating sites this adult dating site has many more males and females, and this is definitely not uncommon. Men are hornier than women and they will always be in greater numbers on any dating site that you visit online, it's just a fact.
  • Education: Most of the people on the site have some sort of college education, which really doesn't matter if you're just looking to hook up with someone. I just put that information in because it might come in handy if you're looking for a smart, hot looking girl to hookup with haha.

XAffairs Cost

X Dating cost

You can find 3 different membership plans on the site, 3 months, 1 month and the free basic membership.

  • 3 Month Plan: The 3 month plan is paid in one installment of $59.95 that works out to cost you $19.98 per month.
  • 1 Month Plan: The 1 month plan is $29.95 per month.
  • Free Membership: Like most dating sites you can just create a free basic membership so you can browse the members area of the website and check out the features they have to offer you. This is a no-cost membership and is probably the safest way for you to test out and see if you like any online dating site including XAffairs.com.

X Dating Benefits

Benefits To Paying

Obviously if you're paying for membership you would like to know what the benefits are to actually paying.

The benefits to becoming a premium user on X Affairs are as follows:

  • Send and reply to messages you receive from women on the site.
  • You can include your contact information to all messages you send out.
  • When people are searching for other people to hook up with, your dating profile will be listed at the top of the search results.
  • You can also visit unlimited dating profiles.
  • view as many photographs on the site as you wish.
  • If you pay for a membership, you have priority support handling.

Should You Pay For A Membership?

Should you pay for premium membership, that is the big question. For my personal examination of the members area there isn't very much to offer you. XAffairs has no online chat rooms, and no live webcam chat. You cannot see chat or interact with anybody in real time through their dating service, so why would you pay $29.95 per month to a site that doesn't even offer webcam or online chat features?

Fake Dating Profiles & Scam Emails

This is a huge, huge problem with many adult and mainstream dating sites. Many dating sites create fake dating profiles using photographs of model looking women. These fake profiles and fake photos are created and used to entice you to purchase a full membership. As you can see from the image above that I have included, the dating profiles on the site look too good to be true, don't you agree?

X Dating Scam Emails

Alongside the fake dating profiles you will get scam e-mails(see image above) from these fake women. These automated e-mail messages come from model type women and once again they are a fraud. In order for you to reply to these beautiful women who are apparently interested in hooking up with you, you need to purchase a premium membership. It's all about making money and that is why there are fake profiles and automated scam e-mails sent to people who create free basic memberships.

Save yourself some time and grief and don't even bother creating a free membership on this site. The site is lacking features, and on top of that overall the site is a scam. There are fake profiles and you will receive fake e-mails from women who don't even exist that are supposedly interested in meeting you. It is all a scam and that's all I can say. Stay far, far away from XAffairs.com, GonnaBang.com and XDating.com!  This site is a complete fraud and should be shut down by the FTC. How they are able to get away this is unknown, but eventually they will be caught.

Recommended & Real Dating Sites:

All 3 websites listed below offer no cost webcam chat rooms and free chat rooms with just a free basic membership. All three have many more features than XAffairs does.

  1. NoStringsAttached (for married people seeking affairs)  8/10
  2. AdultFriendFinder (for anyone seeking adult fun) 9/10
  3. Passion  (for singles seeking hookups) 8/10
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XAffairs Review - Copy Cat Of GonnaBang.com, 6.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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