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It seems that the Craigslist personal ads is a haven for online scammers posing as women to scam horny guys. If you want to know how to protect yourself from this scam then keep reading. I have listed the entire process of how they scam you and exactly what to look for, so you don't become the next victim.  This type of scam also happens on other classifieds ads sites such as Kijiji.com and BackPage.com.

How CraigsList Dating Scams Work

  1. You start looking in the "casual encounters" section or the "women seeking men (W4M)" section of Craigslist.com.  You see a hot looking girl looking to hookup, so you email her.
  2. Then they email you back and they want you to "verify" who you are because they want to be safe. You get another email sending you  to a "Craigslist Verification Site" to verify who you are. This a very detailed and thought out scam.
  3. The email reply is something like this: "Thanks for emailing me back baby, you can see photos of me on: HookUpReal.com , send me your screen name, then I will let you view my photos. Sorry for all this but I want to be safe before we hookup, no offense sweety. You seem really nice"
  4. Once you are on the "verification site", you are asked to enter your credit card info to prove you are over 18 years of age and not a registered sex offender.
  5. Don't input your credit card information obviously, because this is a scam to get you to input your credit card info. Once you have put your info in then you will be billed from a site called CheckOutCharge.com until you cancel. Some guys have lost $100s before they found out what was going on.

This scam uses a multitude of domain names to stay ahead of CraigsList.com so they can continue to scam horny men looking to meet women for no strings attached sex. Below is a verification page that you may have seen. Hopefully you didn't get scammed and this has prevented you from falling victim to this scam that preys on men looking to meet women through Craigs List personals ads.

Craig Secure scam

** (screen shot of the typical Craigslist.com fake verification site with the form to fill out)


CraigsList.com verification scam

** (the form to create your user name & password, but it's not to verify who you are. You will uknowningly be signing up to a porn sites!!)


** (the credit card verification page is shown above, this is how they get your money.)

CraigsList Dating Verfication Scam

(a closeup of the fine print that most guys don't read! This is how they scam you!)

This is where they get you after you submit your credit card info.You are actually signing up to a one day trial to breastsxxx.com.  If you submitted your credit card info, you just signed up for a membership to BreastXXX.com. Then it states that "For your convenience all trial memberships to BreastsXXX will automatically renew at $54.97 per month unless cancelled. So, if you don't cancel within 24 hours you get billed $54.97, until you cancel!!

And They Also Have A "Special Offer"

"Your membership today Qualifies for a FREE VIP upgrade**By pressing Free Instant Access!, I certify that I have read and agree to the complete terms of membership and billing and that the card entered above is my credit card. Your access to Pussysearches includes a 2 day free trial promo to Yourexforsex. If you choose to remain a member of Yourexforsex beyond the trial period, your membership will renew at $38.68. Your membership to Pussysearches will be Free for Lifetime."

So you get charged twice, once for $54.97 and second for $38.68 if you don't cancel within 24 hours.

List Of CraigsList Dating Scam Domains

These are tons of domains names used by the scammers to run their "dating verification" BS. Some of the domains I have been able to uncover include the following list :

  1. datingsafensa.com
  2. CraigSafeDate.com
  3. safe-hookups.net
  4. local-guard.com
  5. securedatecl.com
  6. safematchsingles.com
  7. verified-hoo kups.com
  8. legalhookups.com
  9. myindividualprofile.com
  10. safematchsingles.com
  11. secure-ads.com
  12. craigslistsecuredating.com
  13. datemesite.com
  14. HookUp Real.com
  15. safe-hookups.net
  16. local-guard.com
  17. securedatecl.com
  18. safematchsingles.com
  19. verified-hookups.com
  20. legalhookups.com
  21. myindividualprofile.com
  22. safematchsingles.com
  23. secure-ads.com
  24. craigslistsecuredating.com
  25. datemesite.com
  26. datingsafensa.com
  27. securemycldate.com
  28. securedatecl.com
  29. sexxymatch.com
  30. dateprotectch eck.com
  31. ihookupnsa.com
  32. craigssecuredating.com
  33. craigssafedate.com
  34. Bumpdate.org
  35. Greatdater.org
  36. Prodater.org
  37. Realtimedate.org
  38. craigsafeguard.com
  39. craigsecuredate.com
  40. craigsguard.com
  41. craigslistsecuredating.com
  42. craigssecure.com
  43. craigsverify.com
  44. datesafeguard.com
  45. datesafely.com
  46. datesecurecheck.com
  47. Dailydater.org
  48. datingsecure.com
  49. Craigs-date-safety.org
  50. memberscreening.com
  51. Asaferdate.org
  52. rudefinderverify.com
  53. Clsafe.org
  54. Craigslistdatesafely.com
  55. craigssafety.info
  56. securedatecl.com
  57. verified-hookups.com
  58. myindividualprofile.com
  59. legalhookups.com
  60. datesecurecheck.com
  61. meet-safer.com
  62. safecasualdate.com
  63. CraigSafeHookup.com
  64. datefind.net
  65. amateursafedating.com
  66. d8verify.net
  67. datesafeguard.org
  68. datesafergirls.com
  69. meetsafeonline.com
  70. nsoco.org
  71. safe-girls.net
  72. safestdaters.com
  73. verifytodate.com
  74. meetfordates.com
  75. meetsafeonline.com
  76. safe-girls.com
  77. safestgurls.com
  78. verifytodate.com
  79. date-verification.com
  80. datesafeguard.org
  81. datesafergirls.com

Some of these sites may or may not be active. Many of the Craigslist dating scam verification sites redirect to the new websites. Craigslist doesn't offer any type of verification site for people looking to date one another.

Is CraigsList A Good Place To meet People?

Yes you can meet real people on CraigsList.com however you really need to be very careful, male or female. But anytime you need to verify who you are by pulling out your credit card you know it's a scam. I have never used Craigs List to meet women. Personally I stick to real online dating sites that don't use shady tactics. I would stick to trusted online dating sites such as the 3 that I have recommended below.

Recommended Real Dating Sites With No "Verification Scams" :

These three websites below don't do any type of verification BS. They are real dating sites and there is nothing for you to verify. All you do is sign up for free (no credit card) and then you get free access to watch webcams for free and you can chat as much as you want in the free chat rooms. You don't need to do any type of verification, just sign up for free and start looking around at who you might be interested in. Simple as that.

  1. AdultFriendFinder  (the largest adult site has free webcam &chat rooms.)
  2. NoStringsAttached  (for married males & females,  also has free chat rooms and free webcams)
  3. Passion  (for single males & females, has webcam viewing and free chat room as well.)
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