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If you're into hooking up with mature women over 50 then GrannySexPersonals.com might be a good place to meet them. But, the big question is, can you really meet grannies on GrannySexPersonals.com, or is it just a well developed scam to drain your bank account? Read the full review as I uncover the truth and tell it like it is,. This could save you lots of time, money and grief so please read the review below and learn the truth about Granny Sex Personals.


Quick Info

Upload photos: Yes
Upload videos: Yes
View webcams: Yes, if you purchase a full membership
Online chat rooms: Yes, if you buy a premium membership
Free Membership: Yes
Online Forums: Yes
Send Emails: Yes, if you a premium member
Real Dating Profiles: Yes
Worth Creating A Profile: No
Amount of monthly visitors:
Price for full membership: $29.99 month
Overall rating: 1/10 

Read My GrannySexPersonals.com Review


  • Profile: You can upload, add and delete photos, videos. Update your preferences and your personal info here as well.
  • Your MailBox: Send and receives messages from other members on the site.
  • Chat Rooms: Talk with grannies in the online chat rooms.
  • Forum: Interact with other members in the online forums.
  • Rapid Match: Rapid Match shows you photos of women on the site and you can if you like them or not . After you click on on yes or no if you like the woman in the photo, then GrannySexPersonals.com will let you know if the feeling's mutual with the girl you like in the photo.

Search Features

  • Find A: man,woman, couple (man and woman), gay couple (two men), or lesbian couple (two women)
  • Seeking: man,woman, couple (man and woman), gay couple (two men), or lesbian couple (two women)
  • Age Range: Search for people based on their age.
  • Location: Find people based on country, state/province or even right down to the zip code/ postal code.
  • Marital Status: Find Single, attached, married or people in an open relationship.
  • Distance: Search for women located 500 miles away from you, or as close as 5 miles away from you with the search option.
  • Zip: Find horny women close to you by searching using zip codes.
  • Has Photos: Search for married women based on if they have photos in their dating profile.
  • Who's Online: Find married wives who are online right now by using this search function.


GrannySexPersonals.com cost


Free:  You can register for free and get access to free chat rooms and live webcams on the site.

Paid Memberships

  • 3 Day Trial Membership: The 3 day trial membership  is $7.95, which then is automatically billed every month at $29.95.
  • 3 month Membership: The 3 month membership works out to be $7.95  a month, it is automatically billed every 3 months in a one time payment of $39.99.
  • 1 month Membership: If you would like to pay monthly, the price is $29.95 per month.

**Note: Something to be aware if / when you purchase a monthly membership it will automatically bill your credit card every month, until you cancel.

My Personal Opinion

Well for the price I personally wouldn't pay for a membership on Granny Sex Personals. You can't do very much on the site without paying for it. I tried to send out emails but I was sent to the upgrade page, where I was told to buy a monthly membership before I could send emails. Luckily I know of a few dating sites where you can chat with mature women for free and you can even see them live on webcam (if they have a web cam). All you need to do is create a free basic account right here.


GrannySexPersonals.com doesn't seem like a scam but there isn't much going on.  I tried doing a search for Las Vegas womenand only 1 woman was shown in the Las Vegas area to hook up with. Las Vegas has 2 million people, so if I can't find any women in Las Vegas, in smaller towns you will have no luck finding mature women to meet.

Negative Reviews

There are some negative reviews that I found while searching online, "Joined this site against my better judgment, turns out they have only 16 female members in the U.K. and that includes 2 T.V.s, Took no notice of my continual requests for more information and eventually they cancelled my membership, my request for a refund has fallen on dead ears".

Personally I like a dating web site called SeniorSizzle, you can meet women over 50 in the free chat rooms, and like I mentioned see them live on cam if they have a web cam .

Recommended Sites With Free Chat Rooms & Web Cams:

All 3 dating sites  shown below have many more features than GrannySexPersonals.com, all with just with a free basic dating profile. Some of the features include free webcam viewing and free local chat rooms. You can create your free dating membership, and then start browsing local GILFs right away.

  1. SeniorSizzle  (for men seeking older women for fun times, has webcam viewing and free chat room as well.)
  2. HornyWife site  (meet married mature women, & also has free chat rooms and free webcam viewing)
  3. AdultFriendFinder  (the largest adult site has free webcam and free chat rooms.)
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