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FreeFuckFind.com is site that has a registration page on the home page, but when you click on the "continue" button you are redirected to a dating site called Fling.com. I did a review of Fling.com and I basically called out Fling for being a scam. The whole review of FreeFuckFind.com /Fling.com is shown below.


Quick Info

Upload photos: Yes
Upload videos: Yes
View webcams: Yes, if you pay
Online chat rooms: Yes, if you pay
Free Membership: Yes
Real Dating Profiles: Mostly fake dating profiles
Worth Creating A Profile: No
Amount of monthly visitors: 12,875,000
Price for full membership: $34.95 month
Overall rating:  1/10 

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Search Features

  • Gender: Search for men seeking men, men seeking women and women seeking women.
  • Sexual Preference: Find people based on your preference, gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight.
  • Age: Find members based on their age by using the search options.
  • Location: You can also find local women just by inputting your zip code or postal code in the search box.
  • With Photos: Easily search for members who have photographs in their dating profiles as well.
  • Distance: Search for women based on their distance.
  • Online Now - Chat with other members who are online right now.

Fling.com monthly membership-prices

You can choose between 3 different membership subscriptions, the Gold, Silver and lastly the free membership.

Gold Membership

  • You can purchase a Gold membership in a one-year package that costs $126.92, it will give you six months for free. This works out to be $7.05 a month. 
  • The 1 month package is $36.97 a month.
  • If you'd like a 3 day trial is 3.51/day and then converts to $42.27 monthly.

Silver Membership

The  Silver membership comes in three different options just like a Gold membership does.

  • The one year plan works to be $105.76 at a stated one installment and if you break it down the monthly level of $8.81 per month.
  • If you would like to purchase a monthly membership, the price is $26.40.

Free Membership

If you don't like to pay you can get a free basic membership, however you will not have access to the chat rooms and it's almost impossible to communicate with other people if you don't actually purchase a paid membership all you can do is browse on the site and see the various features..

** I don't recommend buying a paid membership on this site read below for the full details.

FreeFuckFind.com/Fling.com Is A Scam

I have already done a review of Fling.com and stated it was a total scam with no real women on the site. For this review of FreeFuckFind.com which redirects to Fling.com I created another account to see if things have changed on Fling. Well I have included a screenshot of the instant messages I have been receiving just after creating my account on the site.  "Jayco0" sent me a flirt and "l_sho839629" "wants to see my photos" on the site (see images below) but of course in order to reply back I need to upgrade. Nothing has changed on Fling it's the same old scam that has ripped off 1000s of men across the world.

FreeFuckFind.com bots

Below are 2 emails (see images below) I have in my email box already. And of course in order to read these messages I need to upgrade, big surprise there! I find it unbeleiveable that this scam has been running for so many years and no government agency has investigated Fling for fraud and illegal business practices.

FreeFuckFind.com emails


Do yourself a huge favor and stay as far away as you can from FreeFuckFind.com aka Fling.com, the site is a massive scam that only exist to defraud, deceive and rip you off. You can read reviews all over the place about how bad Fling is. You will unlikely meet any girls from the site, just fake emails that are sent out by Fling themselves to trick you into upgrading your free membership. And those instant messages I received are bots created for the same reason, to trick you into upgrading your membership.

Also did you know that when you create a profile on Fling, your profile will be shared with other dating and "hook-up" websites. So be aware your info will travel from FreeFuckFind.com/Fling.com to other dating sites. You can read all about it in the terms under "How Your Content May Be Used".

Also if you have purchased a subscription on Fling because you received an email from a girl you wanted to meet but couldnt get a hold off, then you can request a refund according to the terms and conditions. I think you could use this if you get an email or instant message from one of the fake girls that contact you a well. It's worth trying if you did upgrade to a paid membership and feel you deserve a refund for the reasons I have suggested.

Refund Request

If the sole reason you upgrade your membership is to correspond with one specific member and such member does not respond to your correspondence, you may request a full refund within ten (10) days of your initial membership purchase by calling customer service. Upon initiating the refund, your account will revert to free and you will not be able to review any responses or messages from any members should any be sent to your account. 

Recommended/Honest Dating Sites

These sites (shown below) are 100% legitimate and have great features such as free webcamrooms and free chat rooms. Choose a site below and start having fun. Create a free account on any of the sites below and start searching for local women right away.

  1. FBookHookUps  8/10 (for single men and women, has webcam viewing and free chat room as well.)
  2. AdultFriendFinder 9/10 (the largest adult site has free webcam and free chat rooms.)
  3. Horny Wife site  (for married men and women, & also has free chat rooms and free webcam viewing)
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