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LocalHotClassifieds.com is another dating site owned by TheDatingNetwork.com, they own a bunch of adult dating sites most of which I have reviewed on this site. I have to tell you right off the bat that all the other sites from TheDatingNetwork.com are scams. But like every review I do, I still take the time to double check everything so I can offer you an informed and unbiased review of the dating service. Some parts of this review are the same as other sites from the TheDatingNetwork.com, because they all share the same features and have the same database of members. So if you are a member of  XXXLove.com or EroticAds.com for instance then you don't need to sign up on  LocalHotClassifieds.com, because they are esentially the same site. The full review is available to read below.

Local Hot Classifieds

Quick Info

Upload photos: Yes
Upload videos: Yes
View webcams:  You can watch web cam models if you pay a per minute fee.
Online chat rooms: Yes, if you purchase a premium membership.
Sen Instant Messages: Yes if you upgrade and buy a full membership.
Free Membership: Yes
Send Emails: Yes, if you a premium member.
Real Dating Profiles: No
Worth Creating A Profile:  No
Amount of monthly visitors:
Price for full membership: $34.95 month
Overall rating:  1/10 

Read My Full Review Of LocalHotClassifieds.com


  • InBox: Send and receive emails using their inbox (online email service) to contact other members of the site.
  • My Friends List: Quick access to see who is on your friends list.
  • Who Viewed My Profile: You can see who has viewed your profile.
  • Who Wants To Meet Me In Person: If people are interested in meeting you, the message will show up here.
  • XXX Theater: This section of the site give you access to 10,000 adult movies, dating tips, sex boosters (Viagra), erotic stories and a list of local swinger clubs in your area.
  • Member Videos: Watch amateur porn from members on the site.
  • Featured Members: You can see the hottest featured members here.
  • Chat: Get access to online chat rooms, message boards, as well as something called "Virtual Sex World".
  • My Latest Matches: Get quick access to girls located in your area with this feature.
  • Browse Profiles: Enables you to browse profiles, just like it says. Nothing more and nothing less.
  • Who's Online Now: Lists who is online now, in no order.
  • EroticLove Live: You can watch web cam models live buy purchasing time with them (it can be very expensive at $3.50 per minute).

Search Features

  • Gender: Search for females, males, couples.
  • Sexual Preference: You can search based on sexual preference, gay, straight and bisexual.
  • Age: You can search for women based on age.
  • Located Within: Can search for members located within a certain range from 5 miles to 100 miles away from you.
  • Marital Status: Find, single, divorced or even married women with this search function.
  • Circumcised: Find men who are circumcised or not.
  • Body Hair: Find men who are hairy or who have smooth bodies.
  • Body Type: Search for athletic men or women with this feature.
  • Ethnicity: Find women based on their ethnicity.
  • Language: Search for women based on the language they speak.
  • Hair Color: Find women according to the type of girls you like, brunettes, red heads, blondes etc...
  • Eye Color: Search based on eye color.
  • Smoking: If you like to smoke, then you can search for someone who smokes just like you do.
  • Drinking: Like to party and drink? Meet women who want to party and drink!
  • Photos: Search for people with photos (erotic photos incl.)
  • Screen Name:  Look for members based on what their screen name is.
  • New Members:  Search for the newest female or male members on the site.
  • Religion: Find people based on religion.
  • Language: Search for people based on the language they speak.
  • Most Popular: Search for the most popular women, men, lesbians and gay men.


LocalHotClassifieds.com Memberships


Free: With a free membership you can check out the members area.


  • 12 month Membership: The 18 month membership works out to be $12.50 a month, it is automatically billed every 12 months in a one time payment of $149.99.
  • 3 month Membership: The 3 month membership works out to be $23.32  a month, it is automatically billed every 3 months in a one time payment of $69.95.
  • 1 month Membership: If you would like to pay monthly, the price is  $34.95 per month.


  • 3 Day Trial: The 3 day trial membership is $1.95, it is automatically billed every 6 months in a one time payment of $99.95.
  • 3 month Membership: The 3 month membership works out to be $19.98 a month, it is automatically billed every 3 months in a one time payment of $59.95.
  • 1 month Membership: If you would like to pay monthly, the price is $29.95 per month.

The Truth

As soon as I created my account I was redirected to PassionSearch.com, a site I have reviewed in the past. Like I mentioned above all the sites from The Dating Network all share the same database of members.  In this particular case LocalHotClassifieds.com basically just redirects directly to PassionSearch.com. That isn't the worst news, the really bad news is that just like all the sites from The Dating Network this site is just another scam to trick, deceive and scam you. Now let me explain the whole thing to you.

Tons Of Fake Girls

First off, almost all the women on the site are completely fake, as in not a real person. Below (see image) is a screen shot of some of the female members located in my town, this is only the first page of over 10 pages of "local women". You need to ask yourself, why would such good looking girls be on a hook up site? I doesn't make much sense that almost every girl is super hot and has to resort to adult dating sites to meet guys to have s*x with.

LocalHotClassifieds.com Fake Girls


Just like all the other sites from TheDatingNetwork.com, LocalHotClassifieds.com uses computer software to send everyone who has a free membership fake emails. If you have an account already then you may understand what I am talking about. You will receive emails from local girls after you have finished setting up your free account on LocalHotClassifieds. The real problem is that none of these girls are real. LocalHotClassifieds uses computer bots to send out emails to 1000s of free members at the same time. You think are getting emails from a real girl but in reality none of the women are real!

If you go to the terms and conditons page and scroll down to section 14 you will see that they discuss in detail the use of bots and fake profiles.

An Online Emissary™ may be a ... a digital actor, an avatar or a synthespian (e.g. a computer generated "person" or "character"). Online Emissaries may be employed by localhotclassifieds.com or a third party to enhance Your online experience

As you can see I am not making this up, it is there for you to read in black and white right on their site. LocalHotClassifieds.com is a total fraud, and guys looking to hook up with real women will not have any luck on this site at all. There really is no point in signing up to this site unless you like communicating with bots lol. A dating site is meant to meet people not get jerked around and ripped off by computer bots acting like real humans! It seems more and more adult dating sites are total scams, only a few are still legitimate with real women on them.

Before you get all pissed and want to take legal action against LocalHotClassifieds.com, you should know that when you created your free membership you had to agree to the terms and conditions. You needed to click on the check box (see image below) "I am over 18 , I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy." This is how LocalHotClassifieds.com covers their ass legally. Obviously it's not right what they are doing but the best thing to do is stay clear of this site all together.

LocalHotClassifieds.com Account

If you would like to use trustworthy dating to meet real women I suggest that you take a look at the honest sites below. Those sites are legitimate places to find real local ladies, and they DON'T use fake dating profiles or computer bots to rip you off.

Recommended Sites With Free Chat Rooms & Web Cams:

These three dating sites listed below will enable you to view free webcams and chat in the free chat rooms. Pick a site that interests you, create a free account and login.

  1. Adult Finder  (the largest adult dating site that has free webcam and free chat rooms.)
  2. Horny Wife Site  (for attached men and married ladies also has free chat rooms and free webcam viewing)
  3. Passion  (adult social networking site for  men and women looking to hook up for fun in the sack.)
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