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YourCityLadies.com has been spammng for a few months now. This is the basic redirect scam, when you click on a link, and in this case it redirects you to FreeLifeTimeDate.com. I have already done an extensive review exposing FreeLifeTimeDate.com for being a scam. So just a quick heads guys this is a scam alll the way around! If you want to meet real women then check out my recommended dating sites below, but stay away from these rip off sites!

Scam Email Addresses:

  1. karolina@kurjeris.lt

Web Sites Associated With This Scam:

  1. http://master77.ru/68726.html (the link I got in the spam email)
  2. YourCityLadies.com (The site that it redirects to)
  3. and lastly to FreeLifeTimeDate.com.

Email From karolina@kurjeris.lt

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Recommended Real Dating Sites

These site are legitimate unlike YourCityLadies.com and FreeLifeTimeDate.com. If you are still interested in hooking up with real women then take a look at the sites shown below.

  1. AdultFriendFinder  (If you want to hookup then Adultfriendfinder has what you want and it has features such as free webcam & free chat rooms.) 9/10
  2. HornyWife  (If you're married and looking for married women then this site is for you, and it has free chat rooms and free webcam rooms to view women) 8/10
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