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If you have been surfing adult sites then MyDiscreetHookup.com may have popped up on your screen after clicking one of the ads. MyDiscreetHookup is basically what you would call a partner site and in this case they have partnered with ULust.com. Read the review below.


Quick Info

Upload photos: Yes
Upload videos: No
View webcams: Only if you purchase a paid membership.
Online chat rooms: Only if you purchase a paid membership.
Free Membership: Yes
Send Emails: Only if you purchase a paid membership.
Real Dating Profiles: Not sure
Worth Creating A Profile: No
Amount of monthly visitors: unknown
Price for full membership: $29.95 month
Overall rating:  3/10 

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Search Features

  • Looking For: Search for women, men and couples
  • Age: Search for people based on age,
  • Near Me: Search for people who are located near you.
  • With Photos: Search for people who have photographs in their dating profiles as well.
  • With Videos: Search for people who have videos that you can view.
  • Online Now: Search for people by using the "online now" feature.
  • New Faces: Search for people who are the newest members.
  • User Name: Search for people by user name.
  • Zip Code: Search for people by searching for specific zip codes.
  • Best Matches: Search for people who are best matched for you.


MyDiscreetHookup.com prices

There are 3 different subscription plans available, that are shown below.

  • 3 Month Plan: The 3 month plan is paid in one installment of $59.95 that works out to cost you $9.99 per month ( 3 months + 3 months free= 6 month plan).
  • 2 Months Plan: One time charge of $49.90. Get 1 month free with membership, which renews at $34.95 month.
  • 1 Month Plan: The 1 month plan is $29.95 per month.
  • 3 Day Trial: The 3 day trial is a one time charge of $8.90, which renews at $29.95 per month.

The Low Down

MyDiscreetHookup.com is basically just the puppet for the real dating site which is called ULust.com. As with all my reviews I uncover the truth and call it like it is. After signing up to MyDiscreetHookup.com/ULust.com in under 24 hours I received over 10 emails from "local women" who have "viewed my profile", and want to see a photo of me etc. I have done hundreds of reviews of dating sites so I have experience with how dating scams operate.

In this instance I am receiving these emails (see image below) that look as if real women are contacting me however they are just computer bots. Why am I getting these emails? The whole scam is this, you get an email, you read the email and click on the link to go the the girl's dating profile on MyDiscreetHookup.com/ULust.com. If you try to contact her by sending an email etc you are sent to the upgrade page to buy a monthly membership. This is the scam. There is no real girl contacting you, it's all about getting you to buy a paid subscription.

MyDiscreetHookup.com Emails

Soo Many Hot Women, Are They Real?

Another trick that shady dating sites use is images of nude women (seee below) that apparently are local. This is one of the oldest scams in online dating. They use pics of naked girls because of course what guy isn't going to look? And then when you see they are located near you well who isn't going to sign up on the dating site?  FYI, none of these women are located near me, it's all a deception.

MyDiscreetHookup fake girls

Obviously MyDiscreetHookup / ULust is a scam and meeting real women on the site isn't going to happen. Hopefully you read this review before you got riped off. Not all dating sites are rip offs, but if you don't have any experience then it's easy to get duped.

Honest and legitimate dating sites with real women that I have personally found are listed below. You can find real women on these sites and you will not get an inbox of spammy emails from fictitious women who don't even exist. These sites shown below are honest and have been around for many years, unlike MyDiscreetHookup.com which has only been around for one month!

Recommended & Real Dating Sites:

All 3 sites have free webcam rooms, as well as free chat rooms. In order to gain access you just need to create a basic accout which is totally free. Choose whatever site  interests you, create a free membership and start searching for local women. Not every girl on these sites is going to be nude or always beautiful, just like in real life because they are real women.

  1. Adult Sex Finder (The largest dating site for anyone seeking discreet hook ups) 9/10
  2. F Book Hookups  (A social sex network) 8/10 .
  3. Horny Wife site (This site is for married people seeking affairs) 8/10
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