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All the "FreeLife blah blah blah .com" are just garbage. The latest site from these scammers is a site called FreeLifeTimeFuckFriends.com. All these sites run the same with a domain name with "free" in the name such as FreeLifeTimeCheatingWife.comFreeLifeTimeBootyCalls.com and many others. In fact the people behind these site continue to switch names constantly to stay ahead of negative reviews and complaints online. If you want to meet real girls in your local area, then look at this dating site. Continue reading the review below.


Quick Info

Upload photos: Yes
Upload videos: No
View webcams: No
Online chat rooms: No
Free Membership: Yes
Send Emails: Yes, if you a premium member
Real Dating Profiles: No, all fake dating profiles
Worth Creating A Profile: No
Amount of monthly visitors: uknown
Price for full membership: over $120.00 month
Overall rating:  0/10 

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This story has repeated itself soo many times. I have exposed all the sites from these scammers and they continue to create new scam sites, every few weeks. In this part of my review I will show you exactly how they deceive and then scam unsuspecting people.

  • If you look at the image below, it has deceiving text such as "100% free life time", "free dating for life", and "Voted #1 dating site of 2013". These are all lies. The site is not 100% free and it has not been voted the #1 dating site for 2013. The site was only created on July 23, 2013 ony a few weeks ago so how could it be the #1 site for 2013? It's all lies.
  • Shortly after you register for your "free life time membership", you are redirected to another page. On that page you are asked to fill in the form and input your credit card information for "age verification". The only problem with this is that they automatically enroll you into monthly subscriptions to 3 porn sites!! The 3 sites include a monthly membership to FreeLifetimeFuckFriends-GOLD that costs you $49.95 a month, VibeVideo.com at $39.61 a month, and VideoErotic.com at $28.87 monthly. So you think you are verifying your age but in fact you are getting scammed!! And the charges that appear on your credit card are 'POSTPMTS.COM' (see image below for the charges). 
    FreeLifeTimeFuckFriends.com cc charges
  • If you get into the members area you automatically see instant messages from girls popping up (see images below). These instant messages are all fake. If you try to send an instant message back you receive a message stating "to communicate with other members you have to upgrade your membership". The big problem is that the girl you think you are trying to chat with is not real, it is a looped video that repeats over and over.
    FreeLifeTimeFuckFriends instant messages
    FreeLifeTimeFuckFriends messages

It's clear to see that this site is a total fraud. I suggest not even trying to create an account on the site, you will not meet any real women at all, because there aren't any real women on the site. Now that you know the truth about FreeLifeTimeFuckFriends, what are you going to do about it? If you are still interested in hooking up with women (who isn't), then you have a few options. I would recommend that you use dating sites that are honest and don't try to con and rip you off, like the sites that I have recommened below.

Recommended & Real Dating Sites:

 These sites that I listed below are 100% honest with real women on them. And you can actually talk and chat with the women via the web cam rooms and the free chat rooms.

  1. FBookHookUps  (this site is a popular social sex network for meeting women online) 8/10
  2. Horny Wife site 8/10 (if you're interested in meeting married women, then this site is for you)
  3. AdultFriendFinder (this adult dating site was created in 1996 and has the largest adult dating database of women anywhere online) 9/10
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FreeLifeTimeFuckFriends.com Is A Fraud? Find Out Now, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. Aaron says:

    I already completed my membership, then noticed the fees. I cancelled my membership with their customer service line and they said id get the money back. should i cancel my card and get a new one to avoid more fees?

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