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EroticAds.com is a copy cat of EroticLove.com, NaughtyMeetings.com, XXXCupid, EroticMatch, SocialSex as well as XXXBook. All these sites are owned by the same company. The front page looks different on each site however the members area is exactly the same and all connected with one another.


Quick Info

Upload photos: Yes
Upload videos: Yes
View webcams:  You can watch web cam models if you pay a per minute fee.
Online chat rooms: Yes, if you purchase a premium membership.
Sen Instant Messages: Yes if you upgrade and buy a full membership.
Free Membership: Yes
Send Emails: Yes, if you a premium member.
Real Dating Profiles: No
Worth Creating A Profile:  No
Amount of monthly visitors: 140,000
Price for full membership: $34.95 month
Overall rating:  0/10 

Read My Full Review Of EroticAds.com


  • InBox: Send and receive emails using their inbox (online email service) to contact other members of the site.
  • My Friends List: Quick access to see who is on your friends list.
  • Who Viewed My Profile: You can see who has viewed your profile.
  • Who Wants To Meet Me In Person: If people are interested in meeting you, the message will show up here.
  • XXX Theater: This section of the site give you access to 10,000 adult movies, dating tips, sex boosters (Viagra), erotic stories and a list of local swinger clubs in your area.
  • Member Videos: Watch amateur porn from members on the site.
  • Featured Members: You can see the hottest featured members here.
  • Chat: Get access to online chat rooms, message boards, as well as something called "Virtual Sex World".
  • My Latest Matches: Get quick access to girls located in your area with this feature.
  • Browse Profiles: Enables you to browse profiles, just like it says. Nothing more and nothing less.
  • Who's Online Now: Lists who is online now, in no order.
  • EroticLove Live: You can watch web cam models live buy purchasing time with them (it can be very expensive at $3.50 per minute).

Search Features

  • Gender: Search for females, males, couples.
  • Sexual Preference: You can search based on sexual preference, gay, straight and bisexual.
  • Age: You can search for women based on age.
  • Located Within: Can search for members located within a certain range from 5 miles to 100 miles away from you.
  • Marital Status: Find, single, divorced or even married women with this search function.
  • Circumcised: Find men who are circumcised or not.
  • Body Hair: Find men who are hairy or who have smooth bodies.
  • Body Type: Search for athletic men or women with this feature.
  • Ethnicity: Find women based on their ethnicity.
  • Language: Search for women based on the language they speak.
  • Hair Color: Find women according to the type of girls you like, brunettes, red heads, blondes etc...
  • Eye Color: Search based on eye color.
  • Smoking: If you like to smoke, then you can search for someone who smokes just like you do.
  • Drinking: Like to party and drink? Meet women who want to party and drink!
  • Photos: Search for people with photos (erotic photos incl.)
  • Screen Name:  Look for members based on what their screen name is.
  • New Members:  Search for the newest female or male members on the site.
  • Religion: Find people based on religion.
  • Language: Search for people based on the language they speak.
  • Most Popular: Search for the most popular women, men, lesbians and gay men.


EroticAds.com cost


Free:   With a free membership you can check out the members area of  but not much else. You cannot interact with girls on the site.  Without actually buying a monthly subscription you can't do very much.


  • 12 month Membership: The 18 month membership works out to be $12.50 a month, it is automatically billed every 12 months in a one time payment of $149.99.
  • 3 month Membership: The 3 month membership works out to be $23.32  a month, it is automatically billed every 3 months in a one time payment of $69.95.
  • 1 month Membership: If you would like to pay monthly, the price is  $34.95 per month.


  • 3 Day Trial: The 3 day trial membership is $1.95, it is automatically billed every 6 months in a one time payment of $99.95.
  • 3 month Membership: The 3 month membership works out to be $19.98 a month, it is automatically billed every 3 months in a one time payment of $59.95.
  • 1 month Membership: If you would like to pay monthly, the price is $29.95 per month.

Is EroticAds A Scam?

EroticAds.com is not worth signing up for because they use something called "Online Emissary", which are automated bots that send you fake emails and pretend to be women but in fact they are computer generated. You can read all about the  use of "Online Emissaries" in the terms and conditions  in section 14.

***From The EroticAds.com Site:

" An "Online Emissary" may be a real person, such as another EroticAds.com Member, a digital actor, an avatar or a synthespian (e.g. a computer generated "person" or "character").  An Online Emissary™ may be a current or past EroticAds.com Member, an independent contractor, or a digital creation. Online Emissary™ may provide an electronic introduction to new or existing EroticAds.com features or functionality."

Fake Emails

Another tactic EroticAds uses to try and deceive you is the use of emails that look as if they are coming from real women (see image of my email inbox below), when in fact they are being sent to you by automated bots ("Online Emissaries"). I have no information on my dating profile and no photographs. There is absolutely no reason for me to receive 114 emails from "women" on EroticAds. The whole thing is once again part of their scam to get you to upgrade to a paid monthly membership.

EroticAds.com Fake Emails

The image below shows basically what is in each email I received from the  "Online Emissaries". The girl "Waiting3Exhale" wants to date me. But of course this is all B.S. and like I said I have another 140 emails just like this from "Online Emissaries". It's all just a trick to get you to click on the "date me" button located on the bottom right of the image. Once you click on that link then you are sent to upgrade page to buy a monthly membership before you can contact "Waiting3Exhale". The bottom line is the whole scam is to deceive you into thinking you are receiving emails from women who want to hook up with you, but it's all a con to get you to pay for a monthly subscription.

EroticAds.com Emails

Don't trust any EroticAds or any dating site that uses computer generated people to trick you into buying a dating membership. EroticAds is all fake and a scam. Don't bother creating a membership on the site, unless you want to waste time and chase women who don't even exist. If you already have account on EroticAds, you can learn how to cancel it here.

You can check below for my recommended sites that have real women on them, imagine that! The sites below don't use fake dating profiles or bots to try and scam you. The sites below are 100% honest and have been in business for many years, so you can trust them.  In order to get started choose a site below, create a free basic membership and start having fun.

Recommended Sites With Free Chat Rooms & Web Cams:

These three dating sites listed below will enable you to view free webcams you also get access to online free chat rooms.

  1. AdultFriendFinder  (the largest adult site has free webcam and free chat rooms.)
  2. Horny Wife Site  (for married men and women, & also has free chat rooms and free webcam viewing)
  3. Passion  (for single men and women, has webcam viewing and free chat room as well.)
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