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FreeBangBuddies.com is a dating site but is it a scam disguised as a dating site or a real dating site? Read the whole review below and learn the real facts.


Quick Info

Upload photos: Yes
Upload videos: No
View webcams: No
Online chat rooms: No
Free Membership: Yes
Send Emails: Yes, if you purchase a paid membership
Real Dating Profiles: No, all fake dating profiles
Worth Creating A Profile: No
Amount of monthly visitors: uknown
Price for full membership: over $120.00 month
Overall rating:  0/10 

Read The Full Review

The same as countless sites that I have reviewed and exposed for being nothing but huge scams this site is the same exact garbage. Once you create your "free membership", you get sent to another page where you can upgrade. Of course you don't need to upgrade but if you are gullible enough to do it you get slammed with a multitutde of credit card charges from 3 sites! These charges include VibeVideo.com at $39.61 a month, VideoErotic.com at $28.87 and month and lasty the orginal charge for the dating site which is $29.95.

FreeBangBuddies.com charges

How About All The Beautiful Women?

All those amazing women are completely fake and fabricated to fill up the dating site with fake profiles. There are no real women on the site, it is all a con. Why are they using fake women? Well one reason is they have no real women on the site and a dating site without real women is completely useless. So, they use images of women who appear to be members of FreeBangBuddies.com, but they are not! Secondly since FreeBangBuddies.com is about making money, how they make money is by charging you a monthly membership fee if you want to reply or send emails to anyone on the site. That is the whole scam in a nut shell, it is one big rip off! None of the women on the site are real.

The Chat Messages

And don't get too excited by those beautiful women who are sending you chat messages, they are part of the scam. The video chat messages are just a prerecorded video! If you want to reply back to the girl you will need to upgrade to a paid monthly message (see image below). It's all about money.

fake chat messages

Now you have been shown the truth behind how FreeBangBuddies.com tries to rip people off. This site is not a real dating site, if you want to see how real dating sites operate take a look at the sites that are listed below. 

These sites have real women (NOT porn models) on them in all shapes and sizes, just like the real world. There are no fake girls, no fake video chat windows or any of that nonsense. Pick a site that interests you, create an account and get started looking for women.

Recommended & Real Dating Sites:

  1. Horny Wife site 8/10 (a dating site dedicated to married women seeking men and vice versa)
  2. AdultFriendFinder 9/10 (an adult dating site with millions of members)
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Read This Review & Learn The Scam Called FreeBangBuddies.com, 4.9 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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